Thank You Social Media

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Recently we read a story that detailed the events of one woman’s reunion with what she thought was her long lost wedding dress. Now, another heart warming story was reported about a man who had one lucky day. ABC Denver recently published an article about David Brenner’s lost wedding ring. While in a meeting with Greg and Sue Dorsey, Greg received a text from a friend about a lost ring in Vail, Colorado. The ring has an inscription stating, “All my love, Sue.” While Greg hadn’t lost his ring, he showed the message to David, who also has a wife named Sue. He couldn’t believe it stating, “The fact that this guy gets a text while he’s in front of me and asks that question; the chances that I ever had mentioned my wife’s name; all those things make that, as much to me, as unlikely as the ring ever being found in the first place,” said David.

From Vail's Twitter

He pulled up the news story and got in contact with the writer. An employee found it during regular maintenance work. He said to ABC, “How can you see a ring five years later? How it is not further down in the underbrush?” David was able to confirm ownership of the ring once additional information was provided. Vail offered David and his wife Sue a free night to stay to come visit and get the ring back. Social media is a powerful tool that can help in unexpected ways!

From the picture posted, it looks like they had a beautiful wedding ceremony. Don’t forget to be prepared for any problems that may come up on your big day. Mojuba Emergency Kits will be there to assist with any issue. The kit includes krazy glue, tissues, a sewing kit, advil, bobby pins, stain remover and much more. Don’t let anything bring you down throughout the celebration!

Spontaneous Ceremonies

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Do you enjoy adventure and spontaneity? Are you dreading the massive amount of planning for your wedding? If you are nodding your head right now, then Pop Wed Co. may be your solution. Started by “DC’s wackiest photographers,” Maggie and Steven have returned to their passion of photography and weddings. As their website states, “So Steven went through the process of becoming a civil celebrant, and we brainstormed the raddest locations in the city where we think weddings will both look awesome and be an amazing experience for our couples. We planned out all the little things that make a wedding special, like treats, a fun send-off, and of course an amazing portrait session.”

From Pop Wed Co.

After scouting various locations, Maggie and Steve will match each couple to a unique venue. For example, earlier this month a couple was brought to the American Art Museum. This resulted in one of a kind photos taken throughout the gallery and an intimate ceremony held in the atrium.

From Pop Wed Co

Another couple was brought to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum to tie the knot. Overseen by the giant elephant, Fénykövi, the couple made it through most of the ceremony before security came in. Part of the fun of working with Pop Wed is that you never know what will happen. But wedding officiant Steven pushed through and pronounced them husband and wife just before exiting the building in order to list the museum on their certificate.

From Pop Wed Co.

Maggie and Steve present a fun, one of a kind wedding planning service that will leave you with long lasting memories. The added aspect of a flash mob style creates a fun and thrilling atmosphere to celebrate the special day. They only offer a couple dates per month, so get your slot now!

While you may want to have a spontaneous ceremony, be prepared for the little things with a Mojuba Emergency Kit. This kit is prepared with everything you might need if there’s a rip, a hair emergency, dreaded stain and more. It will have you ready to tackle a problem that may get in the way of your special day!

Wedding Dress Reunion

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Recently a New York resident stumbled upon a treasure she thought was long gone. The Staten Island Advance published an article about Nicole Pagliaro’s wedding dress that was brought to a dry cleaners right before Hurricane Sandy hit in the fall of 2012. Hector Pacheco’s New York City store was destroyed in the storm, but the wedding dress survived. However, Pacheco didn’t know the name of the owner. So when he reopened his store over a year after Sandy, he immediately put the dress up in the window. A couple weeks ago, Nicole instantly recognized the dress when taking a different route to work. She even had the ticket for what she thought was long lost.  Now reunited with the dress, Nicole is saving it for her little girl’s wedding day.

Are the tears falling yet? I want to see the wedding pictures when her daughter gets married!

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You Can Get Married Where?!

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Every couple goes through the process of picking out each and every detail for their wedding. A big piece of the process is finding a picturesque venue. Business Insider recently posted an article stating McDonald’s locations in Hong Kong will host your wedding. Seems crazy, but apparently there was a demand for it.

A McDonald’s spokeswoman explained to CNBC, “We started the program because many customers tell us that McDonald’s is where they first started dating…McDonald’s is where their love stories grew. This connection is exactly why they want to hold their wedding parties and even anniversary parties at McDonald’s—to relive sweet beginnings and bring their romantic story full circle.”

The most expensive package is around $1,290, but you could get a price as low as $373. A deluxe wedding package proves two hours in the venue, 50 McDonaldland character gifts, an MC, decorations, two McDonald’s balloon wedding rings, and more. The last post mentioned ways to cut costs, so maybe all the “golden arch” fans can do so here. However, at this time you can only rent out locations in Hong Kong.

Read the full article here

If you do choose to host your wedding at McDonald’s, be prepared for spilled bbq sauce or static hair from the balloons with a Mojuba Emergency Kit.  Stocked with stain remover, hair spray, and much more, you’ll be ready for any occurrence.

Get Your Wedding Groove On

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How many weddings are you attending in the next few months? For many, it seems like every weekend there is another college friend or third cousin who is tying the knot. Maybe it’s your name on the Save the Date memo. Trying to make your celebration distinct among all the others can get pricey. In the U.S. the average wedding costs $25,200!

From cake to decorations, the total amount can quickly add up. How do you decide where to make cuts? With the increase in technology standards, almost every venue has a sound system with an easy connection for your smartphone and computer. The average cost of a DJ today is close to $1,000, so this might be the easiest cutback to make. Thankfully, PopDust put together the “Ultimate Wedding Playlist” so you can pump up the jams!

Mix some old tunes with a few new hits to have your guests moving and grooving all party long. The list goes on to include 109 songs including “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus, “Your Song” by Elton John, “How Sweet it is (To Be Loved By You)” by James Taylor, “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira and many others. You can download the playlist on Spotify or even play it back right on the PopDust webpage. After all the planning and hard work, don’t forget to let it all go on the dance floor!

Don’t forget to put on your “Dancin’ Feet cushions” from the Mojuba Emergency Kit on so you can dance the night away. There you’ll find other essentials for any problem that may come up. What if a wardrobe malfunction comes up or the flower girl rips her dress? The emergency kit comes fully stocked with a sewing kit, fashion tape and much more for all these problems.

Keep your groove on from start to finish with the help of Mojuba and Pop Dust!

How to Make Your Wedding as Stress Free as Possible

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Planning and executing a wedding can be very stressful. Lots of long hours get put into a couple days of events. But each long and grueling hour spent planning is worth it when you enjoy every moment of your big day. So let me take some weight off your shoulder as you get ready for the memorable moment.

Is TV your thing? Then check out shows such as Say Yes To The Dress for wedding gown idea. It can help you learn about the various styles from mermaid to ballgown. Watching others talk about what styles they like and seeing the dresses available can help you get closer to finding your dream gown.

From TLC

Maybe you are an avid internet reader. There are various blogs and websites that can bring ideas together such as 100 Layer Cake, which has been recognized as one of the top wedding blogs. It contains helpful tips and ideas for make up, bouquets, themes and much more. They have a whole section dedicated to programs! Check out these absolutely stunning pieces:

From 100 Layer Cake

From 100 Layer Cake

You may also find inspiration from someone more well known like Martha Stewart. Her wedding website has an entire section about planning that includes – budgeting, picking a location, creating a registry, and the honeymoon. In the section entitled “50 Money Saving Tips,” you will find great saving advice such as, “be ruthless with the head count!”

From Martha Stewart Weddings

Is your smart phone glued to your hand? Get the most out of your favorite social media sites by following Instagram, twitter and or pinterest boards. Do you need some floral inspiration? Follow @hbloomflowers to see endless pictures of flowers.


If you prefer twitter, follow @theknot to see what kind of ideas they have. From the, this twitter account will fill your feed with pictures and links to serve all sorts of needs. See one of their more recent posts on headbands that you’ll want to wear on your big day and for many days after.


Once all the planning has been done and you are ready to enjoy the big day, don’t forget about the wedding day essentials. After all your hard work, the last think you want is for a little emergency to get in the way of all the fun. But have no fear, because Mojuba’s Wedding Day Emergency Kits will ensure that any little problem will be a-okay. From advil to stain remover, these kits hold all the essentials that you may need. Button comes undone, need to rewrite your speech, feet tired already? Mojuba has you covered from head to toe!

Full House Wedding Reunion

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Uncle Joey from sitcom Full House recently got married and it was a Full House Reunion! Dave Coulier married Melissa Bring last week and in attendance were Full House co-stars Candace Cameron Bure (DJ Tanner), Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibler), John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), Bob Saget (Danny Tanner) and creator Jeff Franklin. Social media was swirling with photos of America’s favorite family, that seems to still have a special bond. Who else isn’t so ecstatic  that DJ and Kimmy are still BFFs? Look at this hilarious photo that they snapped on Uncle J’s phone.

US Weekly

The famous trio of dads have been seen together lately, such as the Super Bowl commercial for Oikos.  With these three hilarious comedians together, what kind of trouble do you think ensued at the wedding? Hopefully they had some Mojuba Wedding Emergency Kits on hand to keep the day moving. Imagine John trying to pull a trick on Dave and suddenly he’s got a big stain on his white shirt twenty minutes before the ceremony starts. Did you see the episode where they tried to change Michelle’s diaper? Luckily, the emergency kit comes full equipped with stain remover and other essentials that can keep your big day as smooth as possible.

Enjoy this video for a Full House throw back!

Patriotic Wedding

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Every year on the 4th of July, Americans roll out their patriotic pride for the country. Many attends parades, parties, fireworks and more to celebrate the occasion. With the festive day off, it’s also a common time  for couples to get married. Some weddings are red, white and blue from corner to corner, while others simply utilize the day off to continue celebrations.

This photo from shows the color theme emulated in the bridal parties’ dresses and the decorations. These cake pops don’t just fit the theme of the wedding, but could also be used at your 4th of July celebration.

If you choose to hold your wedding anytime near the patriotic holiday, you may need some extra supplies to make it through the wedding and 4th of July celebrations. Mojuba’s Wedding Emergency Kits can supply you with all the products that will get you from wedding day to holiday festivities. From party to fireworks, don’t let a headache get in the way. This kit comes stocked with Advil, so you won’t have to miss out on any fun. If you plan to spend the night dancing, but know you have to walk to see the fireworks tomorrow, keep your feet from aching with Dancin’ Feet cushions. If you’re celebrating in the thick of the summer humidity, stay fresh all celebration long with the included deodorant. Weddings and holidays often bring family and friends together, so capture the memories the old fashion way with a disposable camera. You never know what Kodak moments or problems that could arise, so be prepared with your Mojuba kit. Have a happy 4th!

Bride’s Emergency Kit

Groom’s Emergency Kit

Rustique Feel

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Everyone has that specific vibe that they want at their wedding. Maybe it’s a beautiful church or a more rustique barn feel. CORT new rustique collection is now available nationwide. Your guests can place their drinks on beautiful timber tables or decorate the room with rustique wood trunks. It would be perfect for a barn setting or placed within a forest towering with trees. Tables to chairs, CORT offers various options to make your wedding look perfect.

Picking a Best Man

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Wedding after wedding hits headlines as we enter the season of white dresses and happy endings. But the wedding many may be waiting for is long time bachelor George Clooney, who will marry Amal Alamuddin this September. Recently, speculation has been over who will be the best man standing next to George on his big day. The most recent gossip revolves around long time pal Brad Pitt.

Photo from Hollywood Life

If the Oceans stars get together, what kind of mischief do you think will occur? They were smooth enough to get out of the Bellagio Hotel with all that money, but will the big day go without a bump in the road? Brad may need to be ready on hand with a Mojuba Groom Emergency Kit. Featuring a shaving kit to get rid of stubble, deodorant for an all day fresh smell, and a kodak camera to catch all the “behind the scenes”‘ shenanigans, this kit will help your wedding day be everything you dreamed of.  So don’t get caught up in the moment and be prepared with your kit.